We are an amateur progressive rock band crossing two generations.
We love and play Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis and more...

What's in a name

Peristrophe reads: Pe-ree-stro-phe.
Peristrophe is the turning of an opponent's argument against himself (see here ).
But there is a second meaning: peristrophe roxbughiana is a flower that is typical of South East Asia.

Our Story

Roberto and Andrea were classmates at high school and discovered their common passion for music and progressive rock. Andrea had started taking Hammond organ lessons at intermediate school and both were self-taught guitar players. 
They picked the name Peristrophe out of the Latin dictionary as they liked the sound of it (although the meaning is intriguing too). They used to meet at each other's place and play their own music.
In 1976 they ended up in two different classes and as it often happens they did not have enough opportunities to spend time together, so Peristrophe went forgotten.
Andrea went to his other class' 35th year reunion and met Carlo, who had married one of his other classmates: at a dinner shortly afterwards, Carlo and Alessandro (who is Andrea's son and studies at the Rock Guitar Academy ), played "Wish You Were Here" together and the idea of forming a band popped up.
Around the same time Andrea and Roberto, who had been sporadically in contact over the years, met for their own 35th year class reunion, and Andrea shared the opportunity of playing together again. In the meantime Roberto had learned to play bass guitar, which was a great complement to the line-up.
This is how Peristrophe was re-born.
Carlo, Roberto, Andrea and Alessandro were soon joined by Riccardo - our first drummer - who happened to be one of Carlo's daughter's classmates.
At first we wanted to simply play music, but most of the songs required a singer, and Carlo boldly offered to be our lead singer.
Our first recorded session was on December 21, 2013.
During the spring of 2014, Riccardo quit the band and we were left without a drummer. Andrea reached out to his colleagues and one of them replied that her husband and son were drummers. 
This is how Lorenzo and Franco joined Peristrophe.
Both Roberto and Franco helped with vocals, and we started building a proper playlist.
We performed twice, in June and August, from the rooftop of a building in Ceriale (SV), where Andrea owns a small flat. People came to listen on the beach, but we could not see them, which made it a bit easier to manage.
In late 2014 we decided we would perform in front of a real audience and organized our first live concert at a farm run by another classmate of Andrea's (Stefano), who produces some excellent wine. The location - at Vigolzone (PC) - had been used for several class reunions over the years, which made inviting all friends and colleagues much easier.
In March we performed in front of about 100 people, playing the complete Dark Side of the Moon  for the first time.
In August we did another Live on the Rooftop , using most of the same playlist that we used in March.
Between October 2015 and March 2016, we were joined by guest singer Maria Teresa Vanacore, who plays in a cover duo with Carlo.

In April 2016, Mauro Cianciabella replaced Teresa as lead singer
In July 2016, we were joined by  Olga Albanese as new lead singer. She sung with Teresa at our fundrasing event in September. She is now our lead singer

In September 2016 we performed at our first live even in a theater and raised over 6.500 euro for a charity dealing with MS.


All this would not be possible without the help and support of our families and friends.
  • Thanks  to our patient and supportive wives and mothers Laura, Valeria, Donatella and Laura, for coping with our enthusiasm and giving us time to devote to our music.
  • Thanks to Elena Di Maio who is our official photographer
  • Thanks to Alessandro Giovannini for his support on video shooting and graphics.
  • Thanks to our patient neighbors in Milan and in Ceriale who have to stand our loud jam sessions and live gigs