Alessandro Di Maio


Alessandro plays Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez acoustic and occasionally steel guitar.
Alessandro was born in Brussels (Belgium) and lives in Milan (Italy).
He started playing classical guitar when he was 11 and then moved to electric but his real epiphany was when he first listened to Pink Floyd's Pulse concert. He decided he would play Gilmour's solos and he self-taught some using DVDs and the Internet. He then applied to the Rock Guitar Academy, a leading school in Milan, to develop his skills. 
He mostly listens to Pink Floyd and other classics, but he can pick up any tune that plays on the radio these days. He is a self-learner for piano, which he can play by ear.
Humble and driven, he is not the usual outspoken lead guitar player in a band, but some of his solos can bring you to tears.
Alessandro practicing Satriani, Feb 2016