Andrea Di Maio


Andrea plays Yamaha MOXF8 and MOX6, Nord Electro 4D, acoustic piano and a variety of MIDI gear.
Andrea discovered prog rock at 12 when one of his classmates gave him a recording of ELP's Tarkus. The sound and prowess of Keith Emerson on his Hammond organ moved him to apply for an electric organ school. He bought himself his first  synthesizer when he started university and he played until he got married. 
For almost 25 years, Andrea has been liking all sorts of music, from metal to jazz, from fusion to classical, but without touching a keyboard. One day an iPad GarageBand presentation in an Appl,e Store in Sydney was an epiphany and brought him back into playing music. Sharing his son's passion for Pink Floyd and meeting old classmates re-ignited his desire to join a band. 
As he travels quite a bit for his job, you may see him from time to time in an airport with his MIDI keyboard as carry-on luggage.

Andrea was born and lives in Milan (Italy).