Carlo Fiducia


Carlo plays acoustic and classic guitars, as well as backing electric guitar.
Carlo was born in 1960 and has been playing guitar since when he was young. Starting from a passion for classical music and spanish musicians, today he loves all kinds of music.
After a long hiatus, he resumed playing a few years ago, after his wife bought him a silent guitar.
In 2013, he joined Andrea, Roberto and Alessandro, to restart Peristrophe.
In 2014, he gave up his sporting interests (running and tennis) to focus on music and entered the Cluster school music to study acoustic guitar, theory, chorus and songwriting. His guitar teacher is Giuliano Dottori, who is an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter.
In 2015, he entered  the  Ensemble Cluster group, which specialized in jazz and blues, and formed  a duo with with Peristrophe's singer Teresa Vanacore to play bossanova.